The Bug Out Bag

By Misty Ann Khan and Dionne Silva Peters I have a habit of always living like I'm about to put my house on the market as a way to keep my home tidy and uncluttered.  Post Hurricane Harvey I find myself thinking more in terms of imminent mandatory evacuation.  Many of us here in Houston …

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Recovering Your Closet After A Flood – The Video

As a follow up to Designer Pamela O'Brien's wonderful guest post here on the Closet Reboot blog, we filmed a video where she expands on her tips for renovating your closet after a flood or other disaster.  To view my video with her on the Closet Reboot youtube channel - click here!

Reboot and Recover Your Closet with a Remodel

guest post by Pamela O'Brien of Pamela Hope Designs With recent storms devastating the Gulf Coast, hundreds of thousands of people’s homes have been affected. Many of you may have experienced flood damage and may be facing repair and remodeling work. I don’t know if this fact still holds true, but I have heard that …

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Getting Dressed After a Disaster – New Video

Jodi Skorupski of Style Success recently joined me to discuss her guest post Tips for Rebuilding Your Wardrobe After a Flood in person.  Jodi did a great job in the video of expanding on the suggestions in her post as well as illustrating with her pal 'Sylvia'.  Click here to watch on YouTube and please …

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